Flow Chemistry Expert Forum is a technical discussion group comprising of Scientists, Senior Team Leaders and/or R & D Heads. The forum envisages bringing together the Pharma API and chemical companies at a single platform to discuss the hottest issues and topics related to Flow Chemistry for achieving research and business objectives. This event is the online version of the Flow Chemistry Society Annual Conference being organized by our team since 2012.

The Flow Chemistry Society, Switzerland is dedicated to enhancing the public appreciation of flow chemistry and its integration into everyday practice throughout the world by delivering the latest knowledge and making it available for the entire chemistry community.

The FCS India Annual Conference is conducted physically every year in Mumbai. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the 2020 conference could not be held. This year this conference will be organized online. This conference and exhibition bringing together both the scientists as well as the companies offering technologies for Flow Chemistry at a single platform to discuss the issues and topics for achieving research and business objectives. The objective of this meeting is to discuss the bottlenecks and explore their solutions for conducting successful flow chemistry-based reactions at the lab to commercial scale.

This discussion forum will be held on December 14, 2021, virtually and is brought to you by the organizing team of Flow Chemistry India 2019, Mumbai held on 12-13 September 2019 at Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach, Mumbai. This forum will deliberate upon the various practical aspects of the flow chemistry.

The H2L Concept- The H2L or Honing to Lead is a novel concept and means honing or refining skills of the team leaders who have the responsibility to steer their team towards achieving the organizational goals. The H2L concept is about refining specifically the technical skills of the team leaders through higher level experts who have vast first-hand experience in the respective areas so that the leader gets an extremely focused conceptual insight into the problem area. This essentially involves bringing together the leaders who share a common platform with the Experts and where the Experts develop an atmosphere conducive to open discussion rather than a regular speaking-listening session.

Who Should Attend

1. Scientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers and Researchers working in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Research and Development including Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, and Chemical Process Development

2. Scientists, Chemists and Chemical Engineers working in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Bulk Manufacturing Units

3. Corporate Management, Scientists, Managers responsible for the development of Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals R & D and Manufacturing activities

4. Scientists, Chemists & Engineers belonging to the fields of Inorganic, Organic, Medicinal, Natural Products, Analytical, High-throughput and Process Chemistry in the Academic research as well as in Applied research and development in the area of Agrochemical, Petrochemical and Fragrance industry

5. Scientists working in or interested in applications of Flow Chemistry in Material science, Green chemistry, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Theoretical Chemistry, Information technology, and Flow synthesis instruments including Engineering & Automation.


Flow Chemistry Society individual members and Flow Chemistry India 2019, Mumbai delegates will get 25% discount on the published registration rates. All other participants of this online event will get first year FCS membership fee included in the registration charges.


Technical Query: Ms. Pooja Sharma, M: 7696325050, Email: p.sharma@glostem.com
Participation Query: Ms. Swati Kanwar, M: 8289015050, Email: s.kanwar@glostem.com
Registration Support: Ms. Ankita Kanwar, M: 7696425050, Email: ankita@glostem.com


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Conference Agenda

  • Flow Chemistry Research - From Lab to Scale Up
  • Flow Reactors - Current & Advanced Equipments
  • Continuous Flow Reactors - Scope, Applications & Limitations
  • Flow Synthesis - Industrial Case Studies

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