Online Platform

Online Conference Format: The conference/forum will be organized online through a dedicated independent platform. The conference will be an expert forum rather than a webinar. The forum is proposed to run in two parts viz

Open Sessions – From 10.00 am to 1.30 pm on December 14, 2021

Expert Forum – From 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm on December 14, 2021

Open Sessions – Open session will have Experts and Exhibitor and will be a unlimited session in which the participants can join anytime during the stipulated time-period or as per pre-fixed meetings with the specific experts. Expert/Representatives from equipment companies can be available in their virtual boots and the delegates can join the vacant booths. In the booths, the Exhibitor companies can discuss one on one with delegates, show video, or even demonstrate their equipment from their labs. A special Equipment Demonstration can also be arranged if desired.

Expert Forums-The expert forum format is a combination of talks and discussion sessions. The experts/speakers will address the audience for about 15 minutes followed by Q/A for 10 minutes. After each set of 2 talks there will be a Panel/Open Discussion as per the format given below. There will be 2 sessions on each day for a total of 3 hours. The online platform for expert forum will have the following features:

  1. The experts will join as Speakers/Experts while the other members will join as Members/Attendees.
  2. One or more experts and moderators will share the stage while the attendees will listen to the presentation/discussion and/or join the discussions.
  3. Experts for the day will be available for discussion throughout the meeting time.
  4. Anyone who wants to comment or join the discussion, needs to raise hand by clicking on the provided button and the backend organizing team will let him/her enter the stage next to the Experts.
  5. The entire meeting will be managed by the backend team who will monitor and manage the meeting and will also assist the participants through chat as well as through dedicated helpline numbers.
  6. Each participant will be pre-registered by the organizers on the platform. Each participant will receive an email (on their registered email id) with the link to join and a meeting code one day prior to the meeting for joining the platform.
  7. The participants need not download any program/application and can join from any regular browser i.e. Google chrome or Internet explorer.
  8. For best experience, we would like everyone to join using a desktop or laptop computer with google chrome browser. One can join from a phone also but with limited functionality.


How to ask Questions in Online Forum:  There are two ways one can ask questions from the experts or present their views in the forum

  1. Raise hand in the online platform and the organizers will let you in to the stage to directly ask question to the expert and discuss any subsequent points face to face. After your discussion is over, the organizer with replace the participant with the next one.
  2. Type your question in the Q/A chat box and the organizers will forward that question to the expert privately who will then take up the respective questions.

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