Pharma Expert Forum is a technical discussion group comprising of Senior Pharmaceutical Team Leaders and/or R & D Heads. The forum envisages bringing together the International Pharmaceutical Experts and Industry Scientists at a platform to discuss the hottest technical issues and topics for achieving research and business objectives.

This objective of this Pharma Expert Forum is to deliberate upon the best ways being followed for repurposing of existing drugs and will try to explore different case studies, experiences, viewpoints and school of thoughts in this method. This forum is essentially a discussion group to ask questions, discuss, present viewpoints, raise issues, suggest solutions and not a conference or a training course.

Looking back at an old, in-use or even withdrawn drug molecule and turning it into a successful novel proposition is what every research oriented pharmaceutical company is looking at today. This concept of Drug Repurposing or Rediscovery is certainly not only about giving a new life to an otherwise shelved or even rejected or dropped drug molecule, but it is looking at an existing molecule in an entirely different way. This is also not only for business objectives like lifecycle management and portfolio enhancement but also with an underlying objective of providing affordable alternative to the healthcare armamentarium.

Drug Repurposing requires systematic approaches to be followed combining the understanding about the disease, drug target, drug characteristics, exploring the drug databases, unmet medical needs as well as analyzing therapeutic markets. After the successful PEF on Repurposing Existing Drugs through Novel Product Development Approaches on July 1-2, 2021, this forum envisages discussion on the recent case studies and experiences with different approaches and exploring the best way forward for drug repurposing by the pharmaceutical scientists. This forum is brought to you by the team organizing Drug Discovery India conferences since 2012.

The H2L Concept- The H2L or Honing to Lead is a novel concept and means honing or refining skills of the team leaders who have the responsibility to steer their team towards achieving the organizational goals. The H2L concept is about refining specifically the technical skills of the team leaders through higher level experts who have vast first-hand experience in the respective areas so that the leader gets an extremely focused conceptual insight into the problem area. This essentially involves bringing together the leaders who share a common platform with the Experts and where the Experts develop an atmosphere conducive to open discussion rather than a regular speaking-listening session.

Who should Join:  Pharma R & D Scientists i.e., Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads, Directors, Scientists from Drug Discovery, Molecular biology, Computational chemistry, Regulatory affairs, Formulation Development R & D and Product Lifecycle Management from Pharmaceutical companies. Participation is by invitation only.

Registration Closes - July 25, 2021 


Program and Technical Query: Ms. Pooja Sharma, M: 7696325050, Email: p.sharma@glostem.com

Registration and Participation Query: Ms. Swati Kanwar, M: 8289015050, Email: s.kanwar@glostem.com

Joining Link and and Test Run: Ms Ankita Kanwar, M: 7696425050, Email: ankita@glostem.com

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Conference Agenda

  • Pharmacological & Clinical Aspects in Drug Repurposing
    Unmet Medical Needs, Clinical Universe for Repurposing
  • Regulatory Pathways for Repurposed Drugs
    On-Label, Off-Label, Hybrid Applications/505(b)2, Regulatory Incentives
  • Formulations Development Approaches for Repurposing Drugs
    Alteration in Dose Strength, Route & Regimen, FDC
  • Molecular Biology & In-silico Approaches for Repurposing Drugs
    Use of Databases, On-Target & Off-Target Approaches, Drug & Therapy Oriented Methodologies

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