About the Conference

Recent research devoted to the study of outcome Based Education has created deeper awareness and understanding of teaching learning processes. Despite these great strides, there is still more work that remains to be done. Gaps in understanding about Outcome Based Education persist despite an increase in its adoption .The aim of this conference is to explore innovative ways to research and address these issues. This conference is designed to encourage the society and participants to think creatively about how new strategies might forge new ground in understanding and addressing issues in Outcome Based Education so that higher education can be transformed meaningfully across the globe.

This Conference would also provide an opportunity for cross cultural and cross border intellectual exchange by reaching out to national as well as international audience.                                                                                                               Download Brochure


While the adoption of OBE in engineering institutes may be considered a step forward, the real success needs appropriate and meaningful adoption of the stringent guidelines for quality enhancement of the  education being imparted.

Conference Benefits 

The participants will be able to evolve a toolkit for partnership and sharing of ideas in curriculum design, teaching pedagogies and assessment techniques.

Relevance of the Topic

Emphasis on OBE has become even more relevant in the post pandemic times. The pandemic teaching and learning were deeply affected by the slow and shaky adoption of the online technology. While teaching techniques changed to suit respond to the changed times, the learner centered focus was also eroded. The assessment techniques had to be adapted and designed to fit in with the tools at the disposal of the faculty.

Student engagement, a key aspect of student- centered learning, was affected as admitted by students themselves. So, all the aspects of OBE, which are generally a ground for criticism, surfaced, namely, generality, assessment problems, involvement, external factors that affect students etc.

Hence, it is important that these issues are brought up and discussed at a common platform. The Conference is relevant because of the following:

1. It shall bring to the fore challenges faced in implementing OBE in the pandemic driven teaching-learning

2. Discussions around strengthening the OBE framework to adapt to any medium of teaching- learning process.

3. Suggesting newer pedagogies, assessment techniques to strengthen the student engagement and active learning strategies.

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Conference Agenda

  • Paradigms on Teaching and Learning in OBE
  • Relevance of Research Integrated Learning in OBE
  • Relevance of Project Based Learning in OBE
  • Reflection in Education and OBE

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