Tal Saadon's Biography

Tal Saadon, Chief Agronomist, Advanced Canna Technologies Ltd, Israel

Agronomist with B.Sc. in Pest and Disease Control, M.Sc. in Soil, Water, and Micro-Climate Sciences, Tal Saadon is a well-qualified agronomist with a diverse scientific background in plant cultivation, ranging from biology and ecology to the chemistry and physics of crop sciences. Coupled with over 10 years of hands-on experience in commercial scale Medical Cannabis cultivation.

Tal has designed, operated, and trained the teams of several cannabis cultivation facilities, in Israel, California, and Portugal and in the past year managed the cultivation of two facilities, one 12,000 m2 climate-controlled, LED-supported greenhouse in Portugal and a 2000 m2 high-tech indoor facility in California, reaching a total of 11.5 tons of dried cannabis flowers under his care in 2021.




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