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Glostem Private Limited is the global science technology event and marketing organization. We have been working in the domains of science and technology and more closely with the scientific fraternities of the pharmaceutical industry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, food, and medical sciences. For the last several years we have been serving the scientific fraternity by organizing conferences, training courses workshops, round table meetings, providing technical consultancy and have taken up lead marketing projects for several reputed organizations.

Established in the year 2012, as Indian associate of a multi-national organization, our main activity has been to organize conferences and training courses for both industry and academic scientists in India. We have organized over 125 conference and training courses serving over 9000 scientists and have worked with over 100 technology companies to help them promote and market their products to their potential customers. We have also worked as a facilitator with several academic institutions and scientific societies supporting them with their meetings and conferences, where we use to have a lot on our plates.

We have always strived to take up the very recent research topics and discuss the cutting-edge technologies in our conferences and courses. Therefore, while organizing conferences our core areas have been drug discovery, formulation development, quality by design (QbD), pharmaceutical analysis, food and beverage analysis, agri-genomics, flow chemistry, microfluidics, genomics and proteomics, clinical trials, data integrity, next-generation sequencing (NGS), clinical diagnostics, cancer therapies, liquid biopsies, mass spectrometry, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), forensic research, environmental sciences and so on.

Leaping forward in the year 2020, we have decided to ramp up our efforts and enhance the range of services to our existing and new customers bringing digital marketing services at the forefront. We have sharpened our act and have decided to work out more closely with our business associates utilizing our core strengths and vast experience to assist them with their sales and marketing activities. To provide best services under a single roof, we have expanded our portfolio to include several new services including digital marketing, content writing and lead generation and are confident that we will give our best to our customers and associates.