Who Should Attend

• Scientists, Chemists, Chemical Engineers and Researchers working in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals Research and Development including Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, and Chemical Process Development
• Scientists, Chemists and Chemical Engineers working in Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Bulk Manufacturing Units
• Corporate Management, Scientists, Managers responsible for the development of Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals R & D and Manufacturing activities
• Scientists, Chemists & Engineers belonging to the fields of Inorganic, Organic, Medicinal, Natural Products, Analytical, High-throughput and Process Chemistry in the Academic research as well as in Applied research and development in the area of Agrochemical, Petrochemical and Fragrance industry
• Scientists working in or interested in applications of Flow Chemistry in Material science, Green chemistry, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Theoretical Chemistry, Information technology, and Flow synthesis instruments including Engineering & Automation.

What will the organization Get

Every participant organization is entitled to the following:

  • 1. No limit on number of participants from same organization
  • 2. 1 complimentary Spokesperson pass and one login for the attendees per organization
  • 3. Spokesperson can join the stage live with the experts for discussion and comments
  • 4. Discounted additional login for multiple locations in same organization
  • 5. Opportunity to listen to and discuss with Internationally Acclaimed Experts on the topic as per the agenda
  • 6. Get authenticated answers to your queries during and after the forum

 How to Gain Maximum Benefit

Flow Chemistry Expert Forum is a discussion forum and therefore the attendees can gain maximum out of this interaction if they actively participate in the discussion. We advise you to use these tips to get maximum benefit our of your participation

  • 1. Finalize your participation well in advance so that you get time to ponder upon the topic
  • 2. The Organizers may send you some reading material links. Please go through the reading material and prepare notes
  • 3. Carefully think about the topic and prepare a set of points you wish to clarify
  • 4. Send those questions to the organizers well in advance so that these can be shared with the experts in advance
  • 5. Raise hand, using option in the forum platform, as soon as something strikes your mind so that you do not loose opportunity to ask question and discuss

GST Tax Invoice

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