Keynote Speakers

C. Oliver Kappe, Professor, Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz, Scientific Director, Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing (CCFLOW), Austria

Christophe Len, Professor, Chimie ParisTech, PSL University, France

Lee Edwards, Principal Investigator, GSK Associate Fellow, United Kingdom


Gary Tarver, Team Leader, University of Dundee, United Kingdom

Marcus Baumann, Assistant Professor in Continuous Flow Chemistry, University College Dublin, Ireland

Vijay Kirpalani, Founder President, Flow Chemistry Society - India Chapter, India

Srividya Ramakrishnan, Head, API Process Engineering, Dr Reddy\'s Laboratories, India

Tanja Junkers, Professor, Monash University, Australia

Sandeep Jain, Associate Vice President, Sun Pharmaceutical, India

Mike Kenny, Business Development Manager, AM Technology, United Kingdom

Stephen Hilton, Associate Professor, UCL school of Pharmacy, United Kingdom




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Forced Degradation Studies - Requirements and Industry Practices
14 Oct, 2022

Forced Degradation Studies - Requirements and Industry Practices