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Pharmaceutical companies refer to the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary (USP-NF) compendial methods for information on how to analyze drug substance, drug product, and associated excipients using various analytical techniques including HPLC. Successful implementation of the USP methods and transferability between instruments are key to enhance throughput for routine analysis.

US Pharmacopeia has taken important steps recently to allow labs to improve upon their existing methods, effectively saving time and money as well as reduce solvent consumption & the same have been recorded in General Chapters of USP <621>. While efforts have been made to modernize the compendial methods, they can be improved by taking advantage of Newer Column Technologies. Learn more in detail about USP 621 by registering for our upcoming webinar – USP 621 : Decoded.

In this webinar the presenter will discuss strategies for:

1) Adjustments that can be made without revalidation need, including new allowable GRADIENT changes
2) Adjustments that require revalidation
3) New column technology for improved performance and time saving
4) Examples to understand the allowable adjustments

Who Should Attend

a) Scientists with Application Interest in BioPharma and Pharmaceuticals
b) Scientists from Biotechnology/Biopharma Industry and Government or Research Institutes
c) Scientists working in Method Development, Process Development, QA/QC, Research and Development

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27 Oct, 2023

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