Since the discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 based genome editing technology in 2012, the world is witnessing an unprecedented revolution in its use for various applications for genetic improvement and modification of various organisms. The technology enables the manipulation of targeted genes in a precise and efficient manner in many organisms and cell lines, and has become indispensable for all life science researchers globally, ranging from agriculture to pharma to health sectors.

In this 7-day online workshop, we will cover the basics of genome editing as investigated by researchers in different organisms including model plant species, Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans, yeast, mammalian and stem cells, and elaborate its application for sustainable agriculture, better nutrition, health benefits and environmental sustainability.

Future developments and directions of the emerging genome editing tools and technologies will also be discussed.

The faculty for the workshop is drawn from reputed national institutes like IISc, Bangalore; NCBS, Bangalore; CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi; CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad; IIT, Kharagpur; DBT-NABI, Mohali; DBT-NIPGR, New Delhi; IISER, Mohali; ICAR-IARI, New Delhi and ICAR-NRRI, Cuttack.

This workshop is brought to you by the organizing team of the conference "Germplasm to Genome Engineering" held in NAAS Complex, New Delhi on October 17-18, 2019 under the dynamic leadership of Prof. KC Bansal and Prof H Nguyen.

Certificate and Study Material will be give to all the registered participants after the event.


Who Should Attend

Scientists & Researchers from Academics and Industry working in the field of  Plant, Human, and Animal Biotechnology including Agriculture Biotechnology, Plant Genetics & Genomics, Plant Breeding, Crop Improvement, Disease Resistance, Stress Tolerance, Plant-microbe interaction, Functional Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Molecular Biology, Pharmacogenomics, Personalized Medicine and Synthetic Biology.

Researchers involved in employing Techniques and Methods in their Research including PCR, NGS, CRISPRs, TALENs, ZFNs, MS, GWAS, Gene Mapping, RNA Imaging, Sequence capture approach, High-performance computing, High throughtput techniques, Microarray technologies etc.

Agricultural and Biotechnology Scientists working in Specialized Areas like GM Crops, Genetic Diseases in Human and Animals etc.


Technical Query: Ms. Pooja Sharma, M: 7696325050, Email: p.sharma@glostem.com
                                Ms. Anchal Kesari, M: 7696025050, Email: a.kesari@glostem.com
Participation Query: Ms. Swati Kanwar, M: 8289015050, Email: s.kanwar@glostem.com
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                                       Ms. Ayush Gupta, M: 7696225050, Email: a.gupta@glostem.com

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Conference Agenda

  • CRISPR Toolbox
    Too much to consider
  • Genome Editing
    Investigations & Experiences with Plants, mammals, and other organism
  • Guide RNA designing
    Methods of Avoiding off-targets, and Checking the Efficiency
  • CRISPR Cas9
    CRISPR Cas9 based Genome Editing

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