Lee Edwards's Biography

Lee Edwards, Principal Investigator, GSK Associate Fellow, United Kingdom

Dr Lee Edwards has accumulated 25 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry. He joined Sandoz Pharma AG / Novartis in 1995, he joined Maybridge Chemical Company Ltd in 1998. as a research chemist where he performed custom syntheses of fine chemicals up to 10 L scale. He re-joined Novartis in 2000 and worked on various medicinal chemistry targets where he simultaneously pioneered technologies emerging at that time (microwave chemistry, dynamic combinatorial chemistry, flow chemistry). His contributions at Novartis led to two compounds in the clinic, including Icenticaftor due to market in 2024 and saw him become one of its global industrial experts in photochemistry. He joined GSK in 2014 as a Process Chemist where he supported various internal API development projects on single and multi‐stage continuous flow steps, and represents the company in various industry‐academia collaboration projects. He developed GSK’s global photochemical platform and in his current role is responsible for gas/liquid trickle bed flow chemistry. He is listed as author/inventor on 61 publications/patent applications.




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Forced Degradation Studies - Requirements and Industry Practices
14 Oct, 2022

Forced Degradation Studies - Requirements and Industry Practices